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Sample pack of our HD Foam and foam clay, Includes:


1x 5mm thick HD Foam 920 x 920mm (half sheet)

1 x Foam Clay 130g BLACK


Save over $12


HD Foam: 

- Easy and smooth sanding
- Easy detailing and carving
- Easy cutting
- Extremley high quality (NO cheap and nasty fillers used in our foam)
- Extremely smooth finish
- High Density (90 kg/m3)
- Heat Formable
- Bonds with contact adhesives (we recommend ados F2 contact adhesive)
- Perfect for your next Worbla project; as a base or when used with the sandwhich technique


Foam Clay: 

Ultra lightweight foam clay. Sculpts like clay, dries like foam.Can be sanded, cut and painted.Easily attached to other foam using contact adhesives, or used as a base to layer with Worbla for a firm and durable finish. Comes in re-sealable zip-lock bag inside of storage container. Air-Dries within 48 Hours (allow longer drying times for large projects) Store in bag and container when not in use to avoid product drying out

HD Foam / Foam Clay sample pack

$36.85 Regular Price
$24.85Sale Price