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Gigahorse Deluxe
Jun 13, 2017

What is your current project?


Or what is coming up next for you?

2 Player Cosplay
Jun 13, 2017

Current commission of a big ol sword and then on to another halo build!


Gigahorse Deluxe
Jun 15, 2017

That detail is gorgeous - do you engrave it with a soldering iron?

2 Player Cosplay
Jun 17, 2017

That's just pressed into Worbla with a sharp object haha. Actually started this project from scratch the other day because I didn't like the blade haha started again with mdf


Debra Buckland-Iracebeth
Jun 19, 2017

current project?

sith character of my own devising = hand embroidery to go and makeup tests

Lagertha Lothbrook - vikings (dress) = wig to style, pouches to make

my sons Reaper costume - overwatch = cape, armour, guns to make

lagertha lothbrook - vikings (season 3 warrior armour) - everything.... colecting fabrics now

New Posts
  • Debra Buckland-Iracebeth
    Feb 10, 2018

    I play a half-elf character in DnD (dungeons and dragons) This last part of the campaign she aquired a dagger.... so I decided to make it real.... made with a cardboard and mini $2shop dagger, smaller than the final piece, as a base.... with worbla overtop to make it bigger and added a jem and brown vinyal on the handle. I used Worblas black art and Moulding paste to smooth the blade a bit... I did make it fast - its my first official cosplay weapon made with worbla. If i spent more time on it it would have been a bit more smoother etc. but as a quick cosplay piece this does the job. Here is my character: Yes I cosplay her too! original outfit (travel/adventure) Top, pouch and belt made by me... with and without fur. wearing her monk outfit... yes i made the ears too.... with polymerclay The "robe" is an authentic sari aquired when I went to india in 1993. with her dress on (really its Lagerthas dress) but it worked well with my half-elf asthetic. he he. -yes, I made the dress. well off I go.... waiting for the 6 vials of healing potion to arrive with the potion pouch - this portal takes a while.... maybe there are other cosmic powers at play here? Maybe theres a customs between worlds too? agggghhh! lol
  • Debra Buckland-Iracebeth
    Jan 16, 2018

    I have made a ring holder, out of my worbla scraps, for all my cosplay and "normal" rings. whatever "normal" is these days... lol yes its rough but I like it that way... and i really cant be bothered tidying it up by putting fabric over the top at the moment but probably will at a later date. thanks for looking.
  • Debra Buckland-Iracebeth
    Sep 22, 2017

    my hubby broke his belt buckle (he must be superman) so i made my sons Reaper belt with it adding black worbla parts, painted in silver, so the belt slides behind and in the ”buckles” and hold really well.