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Incredibly easy to use with an activation temperature of 90°C, Worbla’s Finest Art becomes soft and pliable, allowing you to shape, form and mould the product by hand safely.

Non-Toxic and Skin-Safe, Worbla’s Finest Art can be used in classrooms, apartments, workshops and beyond without needing uncomfortable safety gear or complicated venting



Worbla’s Black Art has many of the same properties as Finest Art – 90°C activation, functionality, Non-Toxic and Skin-Safe – in a black color.


Worbla’s Black Art has a smoother finished surface, compared to Finest Art, and can take and create incredibly small detail. It has slightly less adhesive working time than Finest Art, so joining pieces requires both sides to be close to the 90°C for the best adhesion.



Worbla’s option for those looking for a resilient, non-toxic and solvent stable clear plastic that can be hand formed and vacuformed with ease. Fantastic for ice, crystal and fire effects, ‘invisible’ foundations, and anything else you can imagine. 

TranspaArt has the ability to reblend scraps to recycle everything, while being incredibly resilient to stress. 

Worbla’s TranspArt does require a higher activation temperature of 120° Celsius or 250° Fahrenheit compared to Worbla’s Finest Art (WFA)’s 90° Celsius. As such it’s strongly advised you wear smooth work gloves when using Worbla’s TranspArt.



Non-Toxic and Skin-Safe – MeshArt is reinforced with a plastic mesh. 

A strong product that is excellent both for freestanding projects, as well as items that will see a great deal of handling or tension, including props, grommeted or laced costumes or apparel, as well as a base structure to then, add other Worbla Products to.

The adhesive in Worbla’s Mesh Art is stronger and tackier than Worbla’s Finest Art: this means it is even easier to blend seams and edges, but we do strongly suggest you work over a silicone sheet or parchment paper, as Worbla’s Mesh Art may stick very firmly to your workspace.



Our smoothest finish available in Worbla products, a white color to make marking designs easier, and a stronger adhesive to make joining pieces simpler.


Pearly Art is excellent for projects with minimal priming for a smooth finish, fine sculptural details, and frosted light effects.



Perfect for casting complex shapes! KobraCast is composed of a thin, stretchable mesh gauze coated in a thermoplastic adhesive that makes for a versitile and durable sheet.

Kobracast can handle complex curves, flex around undercuts and difficult to mold shapes. The mesh like properties of KobraCast mean you can sew through it quite easily for attaching (faux)-leather, furs, fabric and more. Worbla’s KobraCast Art is lightweight, making it excellent for masks, horns and theater applications!



Worbla’s Deco Art is a polyester pellet plastic used for sculpting and building dimension, as well as molding.


Deco Art bonds very well with other Worbla Plastics and is often used for surface details and hiding seams. Deco Art has a low thermal transfer, meaning it is easier to handle and sculpt for those sensitive to heat.



When you need dimensional translucent effects, Worbla’s Crystal Art offers a moldable, sculptable translucent plastic that can be used for gems, water effects, light diffusing and so much more.


Especially useful as a flexible alternative to resin casting, Crystal Art is the newest pellet plastic for the Worbla line.

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