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Worbla's Transpart - 50 x 37cm - SMALL

  • Worbla’s TranspArt (WTA) is a clear thermoplastic that offers amazing flexibility and resilience that is solvent-stable, as well as Non-Toxic and Skin-Safe. TranspArt can be vacuformed, both on an actual machine/table as well as by hand with simple tools, can be tinted and dyed, and is incredibly difficult to tear, dent or rip. TranspArt does require a higher activation temperature of 120°C (above boiling) and has a higher learning curve than our other products and we suggest checking out our tutorials and videos on TranspArt before first working with this plastic to avoid disappointment.

  • All products are sold “as is”. The customer assumes the responsibility for the purchase, and no refunds will be issued.

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